US Galvanized Anchor Chain 3/16" x 4' with 1/4” Shackles and Oversized Ends

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This is a quality, high grade, galvanized chain specifically cut for anchor chain. The link size is 3/16" or 5mm equivalent. The chain includes oversized chain links on both ends for easy attachment. Included are two oversized galvanized anchor shackles. Each US style galvanized shackle is 1/4" (6mm) with an oversized pin of 5/16". The total length of chain is 4' measured before the shackles are added. The chain link is in the US specification style of 3/16" (for the chain link size) and the shackles are made in the imperial style of 1/4". The metric equivalent is generally considered to be 5mm for the chain link size and 6mm for the shackles.