Cromox Stainless Steel 316 G4 3/8" Windlass Anchor Chain

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Cromox STAINLESS STEEL 316 G4 3/8" Windlass Chain by the foot. This is a quality, high grade, marine stainless steel (AISI 316) G4 chain specifically manufactured for use in a windlass as anchor chain or other marine applications where high corrosion resistance is desired. Superb for anchor chain, lifting chain and general heavy duty work in a marine or chemically harsh environment. The link size is 3/8". This listing is by the foot. Order the number of feet you require. If you put 20 in the quantity you will get one 20 foot length. Every 3 feet links are hallmarked with the makers mark and on the otherside a traceability code. The Cromox brand stands for innovative quality made by KettenWalder GmbH. See detailed specifications table for further specifications. If you are intending to use this chain with a windlass please check the requirements of your windlass gypsie to ensure it accepts G4 chain. This chain does not pile in the chain locker like a galvanized chain does, the polished finish allows the chain to fill the chain locker with considerably less spilling.