US Stainless Stainless Steel 316 Anchor Chain 5/16" or 8mm by 6' Long with Anti-Off Shackles

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This is a quality marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316) chain specifically cut for anchor chain. The link size is 8mm or 5/16" equivalent. Included are two anti-off marine grade stainless steel (AISI 316) bow shackles. Each shackle is 10mm (3/8"). The total length of chain is 6' measured before the shackles are added. The chain link size is the European specification style of 8mm and the shackle is 10mm (3/8") (for the shackle size). AISI 316 stainless is a premium grade of stainless and is considered by many to be best in class. 316 stainless is corrosion resistant and very durable even in the harshest of conditions.