Cromox Stainless Steel 318LN DIN 766 Duplex Windlass Anchor Chain 10mm or 3/8"

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This is a quality, high grade, marine stainless steel (AISI 318LN Duplex) DIN766 chain specifically manufactured for use in a windlass as anchor chain or other marine applications where high corrosion resistance is desired. Superb for anchor chain, lifting chain and general heavy duty work in a marine or chemically harsh environment. The link size is 10mm or 3/8” imperial equivalent. This listing is by the foot. Order the number of feet you require. If you want one length of 10 feet, enter 10 in the quantity box, if you want 2 lengths of 10 feet, add the first one to the cart then add a second one etc. If you put 20 in the quantity you will get one 20 foot length. Every 3 feet links are hallmarked "Cromox" on the other side a traceability code currently "A5". The Cromox brand stands for innovative quality made by Ketten Walder GmbH. This 318 Duplex Stainless Steel Anchor Chain has the same measurement specifications as the Suncor S0601-0008 and fully complies with DIN 766. This Cromox Duplex chain has a Working Load Limit rating more than twice that of 316 chain and is considerably more corrosion resistant. Chain size: 10mm x 28mm. See detailed specifications below. If you are intending to use this chain with a windlass please check the requirements of your windlass gypsie to ensure it accepts metric (DIN 766) chain. Some manufacturers call this chain "BBB". G4 and G43 are both Imperial specifications and all are different. Some imperial gypsies have difficulties with metric chain. This chain does not pile in the chain locker like a galvanized chain does, the bright polish finish allows the chain to fill the chain locker with considerably less piling. The bright finish also helps the chain to come up from a muddy bottom cleaner, as mud and dirt does not stick to the chain as easily as regular chain.